Your OWN Video Agency in 30 Minutes!

Dozens Of Customizable Pro-Grade Videos With Live Actors, Animations, & More...

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Sell These Videos For $1,000 Or More Again & Again Through This Unique System That Literally Gives You Everything You Need

You Don't Even Have To Customize The Videos Yourself

"I decided to put all of my energy into Matt's commercial businesses.  It was the best thing for my family.  It has taken my business to a place where I am stress free and in control of my income!" - Alexander C.

Imagine Having 25 Professional Demo Videos At Your Fingertips...

Already Loaded On Your Very Own Website

It's As Easy As 1... 2... 3...

Install Your Pre-Built Website (Complete With 25 Stunning Demo Videos) In Less Than 10 Minutes

Installing your pre-built website is as easy as installing a WordPress plugin!

Sell The Videos For $1,000 Or More To Eager Business Owners

Follow our training and get these eye-catching videos in front of business owners to get paid $1,000 and more per video

Head To Fiverr To Have The Original Creator Of The Video Customize It For Pennies On The Dollar

You don't have to do the actual customization, and you get to pay someone a very low rate. Many of the demos can be customized for as little as five dollars!

I'm About To Give You An Opportunity To Have Everything You Need To Be Making Thousands Of Dollars From Having Your Own Video Agency

Hi! Matt Bush here...

For the past six years I have been making a full-time living from local marketing. For the past several months I've been putting together what I call the ultimate "system", something that would make it as easy as possible for you to get out there and start profiting from video commercials without even having to customize them yourselves.

As you can see here, "Instant Video Machine" is an incredible system that will jump start your success today.

I would love to see you join my past students who have been crushing it through video...

Let's Take A Step Inside "Instant Video Machine"...

25 Professional Demo Videos

Pre-Built Premium Website

Detailed Fiverr Outsourcing

Step-By-Step Training

25 Breath-Taking Professional Videos

Module 1: Professional Actors & Actresses

Featuring Several Trained Professional Actors & Actresses

(Click A Video To Preview It)

  • Separate "Demo" Videos For Each Actor and Actress
  • Featuring Professionally Trained Actors and Actresses
  • Each Video Can Be Highly Customized As Each Actor Offers Different Video Backgrounds, Can Be Wearing Alternate Attire, & More
  • High Definition Video Quality

Module 2: Amazing Animations

Featuring Several Eye-Catching Sequences

(Click A Video To Preview It)

  • Customize Each Video To Promote A Service Or Product
  • Featuring Amazing Animations And Effects
  • High Definition Video Quality

Module 3: Local Business Commercials

Incredible High Definition Commercials Featuring Live Actors And More...

(Click A Video To Preview It)

  • Easily Customize Each Video For A Local Business
  • Featuring Live Actors And Compelling Scenes
  • High Definition Video Quality
  • 11 Videos Total

Module 4: Sweet Logo Reveals

These Jaw-Dropping Animations Create An Incredible Reveal Of A Company's Logo

(Click A Video To Preview It)

  • Easily Customize Each Video For A Local Business
  • Featuring Professional Animations
  • High Definition Video Quality

Module 5: Eye-Catching Segments

Stand Out From The Crowd With These Crazy Video Options...

(Click A Video To Preview It)

  • Easily Customize Each Video For A Local Business
  • Featuring Professional Animations
  • High Definition Video Quality

Pre-Built "Premium" Sales Website

Install Your Pre-Built Website (Complete With 25 Stunning Demo Videos) In Less Than 10 Minutes

  • Installs In Five Minutes (WordPress Plugin)
  • 25 Demo Videos Are Pre-Installed Already
  • WYSIWYG Interface For Easy Editing And Customizations
  • Built In Optin Form Collects Email Addresses Of Prospects
  • Several Robust Features Including A Built-In Video Player, Gallery, Shortcodes, Custom Formatting, & More
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Security Settings To Keep Your Website Safe From Unwelcome Intrusion
  • And More...

Step-By-Step Training

  • Easy Instructions To Get Your Website Up And Running Immediately
  • How To Cheaply Outsource Video Customization
  • Watch Me As I Show You How To Find Businesses That Will Be Hungry For Your Videos (And Pay You Generously)
  • Detailed Training On How To Use The "Instant Sales Machine" To Absolutely Crush It Online
  • And More...

Imagine Having Your Very Own Full-Blown Video Agency

Just Minutes From Now...

Early Bird Pricing Goes Live In...

Commercials For Local Businesses Typically Cost Thousands Of Dollars To Produce...

I've Discovered The Secret Of Creating And Selling Commercials At A Fraction Of The Cost And My Students Are Profiting Madly In The Process

Your whiteboard videos have opened new doors for me... I simply created an email and let your videos sell themselves!
- Jose L.

"Your products continue to be the best I have found for helping offline marketers... Don't stop now!"
- Brad S.


"Matt is an excellent product creator, even more, he is an upright honest marketer without the fluff!  Matt keep doing what you are doing best!"
- Holger

Of Course You Could Do All Of This Yourself...

Video Production Services - The cost to find, develop, script, and create 25 professional demo commercials of this high caliber would easily cost well over $2,000.
Cost: +$2,000

Premium Website Development: The cost to develop a premium website complete with the 25 demo videos, that includes as many features as you are seeing here would require an expert programmer as well as marketer.
Cost: +$4,000

Training Costs: Once you have all of the other tools in place, you still need to know how to drive business owners into your website, and generate sales from them.

I don't want to see you stumbling around. I have been doing this full-time for the past six years and want to share my methods with you.
Cost: +$1,500

Early Bird Pricing Goes Live In...

Fast Action Bonuses

Fast Action Bonus #1

Free Live Training: Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of Building Your Own Video Agency Business



  • Monday, 15th June
  • 9PM Eastern Standard Time
  • 6PM Pacific Standard Time

Live Training

Join me as I take you through the steps of building your own successful video agency.  I will be sharing a ton of actionable advice that will propel your personal video agency business ahead. In a word, it's going to be awesome!

Fast Action Bonus #2

Bonus Pre-Made "Video Agency" Commercial To Promote Your Own Business

What People Are Saying About My Videos

Nancy L. (of my students) has made well over six thousand dollars selling videos to local businesses, and she's just getting started...

She has been selling commercials to local businesses for as much as one thousand dollars a piece!

I seriously think that if it wasn't for your site that I am using I would not have gotten a client recently so easily! I believe he was so impressed with my site, that he didn't hesitate to be interested in my services/creations, even though my bid was the highest for his current project :)

- Petra O.

Just a quick note from a newbie, to express my gratitude with your awesome products and I love your quick support response when needed.  You have a way of explaining your tutorials as if you see us eye to eye, which delivers the content in a "very easy to understand" approach.

- Johnny P.

100% Risk Free Purchase

This is a risk-free purchase. If you are not happy with it for any reason at all, you will receive a full refund as long as it is within 30 days of purchase. We are so confident that you are going to love it. We stand by our products 100%.

Early Bird Pricing Goes Live In...