JV Update - EZ Spokesperson Creator NEW CLOSING Contest

Here is our crazy-close Main leaderboard update, as EZ Spokesperson Creator moves
into our final hours! The top 6 all have 200+ sales!

1. Andrew Darius plows ahead of Sam, leading by a small margin, nice push Andrew!
2. Sam Bakker - Get in on the closing contest and you could win the overall too!
3. Ben and Ankur - Moving up the ranks with Josh close behind
4. Josh has his own launch coming but is surging anyway! Nearly tied with #3!
5. Cyril and Abhi - Powerful promo - neck and neck with Ray
6. Ray the Video Guy - Nearly tied with Abhi/Cyril
7. Neil & Karthik - Solid as a rock
8. Nelson Long - Great consistent promo
9. Kevin & Mike - Moving up fast
10. Mike T and Brett R - Despite their own launch, fantastic!

Amazing 100 sales + performance from everyone 8 to 15! Including: Jimmy Kim, David Cisneros, Richard Madison,
Jeanne Kolenda, Max R & Peter B.!

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